Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finger Licking Good…

In addition to thoughts of creating a blog over my hatred of rodents, I've thought of creating an anonymous blog detailing the secret life of church workers. It would make for great reading, however to divulge some things would put me in the hot seat. However, I can share an amusing story from yesterday. I get a phone call early yesterday morning from an elderly gentleman who specifically asked for me, he said, "I have a tip for you." I said, "ok" He said You can go there and get you a coupon for a free meal. That was the whole point of the conversation. This man is hilarious he has been battling cancer, but is known for his frank, blunt humorous take on life. He's one of those seniors who make you want to hurry up and grow old so you can get away with speaking your mind and having a plain ole good time.

My first encounter with this man involved him coming into the office to chat up the senior adult pastor and a few others. He all the sudden says, "What time is it? I've got to go home, my wife thinks I'm home vacuuming, I'm not suppose to leave the house. She'll probably call up here and give a report on me, don't you tell her I was here." He was dead serious.

I rarely see or talk to this man, however I called him on Monday to verify his email address. Maybe he wanted to share his computer knowledge with me. Who knows! I do know one of my favorite things about our senior group is their vested interest in feeding me! Which I may or may not milk by playing the, I'm a poor little single girl who doesn't know how to cook well, but loves eating your yummy food.

Today happens to be "Biscuit Day" which is brought to me every Thursday by our head custodian who is 79 and one of the hardest workers and funniest individuals I know. We have so much fun kidding with each other. His name is Mr. James and he deserves his own post!

All of that to say my tip for the day is Happy eating! At least we can't get poultry flu!

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  1. Oh wow!!! I beat you DO have quite a stockpile of great stories, huh?!

    I loved it when you said "hurry up and grow old so we can speak our mind"! YES!! I get a little bit better every year but man! I need some boldness now!!

    What special people you must get to come in contact with and I still pull the "I love your food better" story after 11 years of marriage (especially if my Mom or Cherry is cooking)!


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