Friday, May 8, 2009

Sitting on a Throne of Vanity....

I often joke that I sit on a throne of vanity! I also joke upon looking less than desirable that I abdicate my throne of vanity. This was never truer than recently on the way to the beach. Since I’d be in the car the better part of the day I dressed in comfortable clothes and didn’t put on a stitch of makeup. However, I did toss my make up bag into my purse. We stopped for lunch at Subway after miles of no man’s land. I had to wait in quite a line to use the restroom. While washing my hands I got a glance at myself, I gasped in horror. I looked horrid my face was red from where my sunglasses had been pressed against my face, my pale pink shirt highlighted my ghostly pale skin and under eye circles. I seriously made a face which turned into utter angst as I thought, they know, all those people out there in that line know how awful I look. I had to refrain from coming out of the bathroom and informing them that I was now aware of how desperately I needed a good coating of make-up.

I am also Queen of the side tract; I had no intentions of sharing the above story, however my intention was to share about the vanity of my holywood crushes. In honor of Tiffany and her blog’s of favorites, I will share my favorite hollywood hunks. Recently, I developed a new crush out of the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. Mr. Hugh Dancy certainly managed to strike my fancy! He might last awhile. I am quite fickle when it comes to the finer things of the hollywood lime light. However, there are a few quintessential men that never leave my list of vain admiration.

Clive Owen
I recently saw The International with Clive Owen, I watched the entire movie and am not really sure what all was going on, difficult plot to follow. However, the ticket was worth every penny and more. I have been to many a movie I wouldn’t normally go to just to sit and stare and hear that wonderful accent. If I could go on a date with a famous person, I’d pick him without batting an eye. Though I doubt his wife would approve.

George Clooney
I fell in love with him in the Ocean’s movies. I think it’s a shame that good looking man has no offspring to pass on his extreme handsomeness and ability to age well.

Hugh Jackman
He sings, he dances, he entertains, he hosts, and he takes off his shirt. Honey, I’m yours! Even with the mad lambchops and metal ripping hands, Baby, you’ve got me!

Jude Law
If he showed up with that good-looking jaw on my door step like he did in The Holiday, I’d have an extremely difficult time remembering I was a Christian.

Luke Wilson
A good friend termed him an “attainable handsome”, which I equate to the female version of “the girl next door”. He’s a handsome, I might be able to actually secure one of his type.

Gregory Peck ,Carey Grant, Clark Gable
Old Hollywood handsome…can’t get much better. That Clark Gable sure did make kissing look like an adventure!

John Stamos, Goran Visnjic, Michael Schoeffling

A few lingering childhood crushes, that are slightly embarrassing but none the less, they were my introduction to the finer things of vanity.

To put a little holy in this blog, I’ll conclude with as much as I like a pretty cover the content behind the handsome really is crucial. On numerous occasions at the gym and elsewhere, I’ve wanted to say, “You were cute, until you opened your mouth.”

Sitting pretty, pretty vainly, The Elizabeth Highsmith

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  1. Could I have laughed ANY harder at this???

    Thanks for the shout out girl!! I love your randomness to go from one story to the next!!

    I KNEW who ONE of those guys would be...I know you're single and all but HE.IS.MINE. You know of whom it is I I wont' even go there..

    However, I am also w/ you on Jude Law and the old Hollywood guys...

    You are beautiful no matter WHAT, girl!

    I am forever using your "Throne of Vanity" phrase!


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