Thursday, July 9, 2009

Running with Random Revelations

For about five months I’ve been a gym member and for about five months I’ve had a crush on “gym boy.” “Gym boy” started out as “pretty boy.” Well, because he is that, a pretty boy. He’s tall and handsome and broad shouldered and handsome and nice facial structure and handsome and well he’s a pretty boy. You know the kind that dress out to go to the gym, the kind that do all the “gym boy” things right. He has a nice pretty boy car, a silver convertible Audi. I started out overhearing “pretty boy’s” conversations with “average boys” and decided he had a little down to earth substance in that pretty boy head of his. I graciously decided “pretty boy” was a little too stereotypical of a nickname and promptly switched him to “gym boy” because I’m a “sweet girl” and all.

In addition to being a “sweet girl” I’ve chagrin, become a bit of “desperate girl” It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a date with “any boy” let alone a “pretty boy.” My daily life doesn’t cough up many options for “dateless girl.” So I might, may have, could have become “stalker girl.” I figured out from his shirt where he worked and then did my research. I have been “nosy girl” since well forever. I am seriously not “creepy stalker girl” I’m just send you little cyber space air kisses to Mr. _________ (whoever he is) for coming up with the internet girl. Enough with the debacle of my demise into “weird girl.”

Back to “gym boy” somewhere in my five-month stint as “gym girl” I started casually talking to “gym boy.” All the while feeling a little bit like “inferior girl” because I don’t drive a silver Audi but a hang in the there big money Honda you used to be black and now you’re sunburned. And because I didn’t graduate college from an elitist school, but rather a little baby Bible college.  And because I’m just an office manager not a bigwig corporate girl.

Then today “gym boy” mentions his job, which I totally acted surprised at, is scaling back so much he probably won’t be my “gym boy” I mean at my gym much longer. Then talking with another guy he mentions looking for a new job and needing to sell his Hummer and wondering what he was going to do with his house.

And at that moment “gym girl” was suddenly abashed at not appreciating being “ordinary girl” I was suddenly grateful for my steady job and paid for Honda and 2000 and you’re way behind cell phone. I was grateful I didn’t have to figure out how to go from being “a little cut above the rest” to “plain and simple.”

One thing is certain, nothing is certain. “Gym boy” seems very down to earth and he was very matter a fact about his lot. I’m sure I’ve taken major liberties with my assumptions. None the less, today I’m free to be me “ordinary girl” and am a little humbled that I’ve failed to see how “extraordinary it is to be ordinary”

No matter if we’re skinny girl, or fat girl or rich girl or poor girl or gym boy or grocery boy or president boy, at the end of the day we’re all humans we all have worth, we all have needs. I need to remember I’m “Jesus’ girl” and that Jesus is our greatest need, our greatest worth.

“Gym boy, you sure are pretty. I sure do wish you’d ask me out and I sure am sorry I haven’t shown you much Jesus.”


Blogging makes me vulnerable, am I seriously sharing my quirks with the world girl?