Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in Baby's Arms

I don't have tv, not because i don't like tv because i do, i just don't like to pay for tv. So instead, I frequent the local blockbuster like it was a homebound grandmother dying for my visits. Or even better i pick a tv series and I find a supplier. Someone who owns the glory, someone who shares the glory. For me it's Tiffany, a sixteen year old in my sunday school class. She owns the splendor of My Gilmore Girls. I love the Gilmore Girls like they were my best friends or my sisters. It started out as a guilty pleasure and turned into a, "Yes, I'm watching that tv, Mr. Gym man, change that channel and die, this is my favorite tv show of all time I'm watching." I've been grieving over the absence of the girls for about six weeks.  My only hope has been catching a little bit of them at the gym or watching repeats of season two, the one season I own. Just to document how low I've sunk, please enjoy the following posted by me on Tiffany's face book over the time span of three weeks. (yes, i know you can smell the pathetic)


so i am having withdrawals serious deep rooted withdrawals....i was trying to be good and smart and read books but i've reached the conclusion i'm not the smart girl, read lots of books girl i'm the lazy good for nothing sit on my couch I DESPERATELY NEED THE GILMORE GIRLS BACK GIRL!!!!!!!!! so thus begins my plea for season 5 & 6...i'll send more fan mail or write accolades...let me know what i need to do to get my fix!

tiff-annie! i am not beneath begging or bartering....bring me gilmore girls tomorrow at church and i'll give you my first born or kidney, or anything else you might so desire.

tiff-annie! i'll sing, i'll dance, i'll stand on my head seriously i am not above groveling you know of which i beg! please dear, good child, please!

so i
a. feel like your stalker
b. feel like if i don't come up with a plan b. i'm going to make your top five annoying, nagging individuals of 09 list.

so i if i am seriously pestering the beejeebies out of you and you'd rather i secure my own fix "aka gilmore girls" please let me know.

so i am weak, and needy and pathetic and am fully prepared to tell dave ramesy to shut his eyes we're buying the girls off of amazon.

so if you'll please respond i promise i'll woman up and leave you alone.

so i greatly, appreciate you being my enabler up until this point and it's totally fine if you're washing your hands of me.

so i'm rotten and haven't said hope your week is going better. i'll pray for you to get some rest

so if i keep going my chances of making that list are probably rising.

so bye.

The little angel waltzed into Sunday School today and rose to one of the highest levels of Elizabeth love and adoration possible with these 

Seasons 5, 6 & 7
If I was crafty I'd make her wings and a halo and a little throne...But since I'm not I'm just going to two step it on over to the couch and stay there all day in this glorious rainy weather and revel in my graciously bestowed bounty! My name is Elizabeth and I am a Gilmore Girloholic, how does that make me feel? Happy, it makes me happy! 


  1. You are so hysterical and there's NOTHING like good tv...I will shamelessly say I'm THRILLED for Sept. to get here so all the "good" stuff comes back on!!

    Okay, let's talk about those LEGS!!! holy long legs batman!! I'm quite certain if the lawn boy would've seen those HE would've broken the way to be a good girl and keep them outta his sight...I'm still thinking (I said this to you way back at DS) you should go out for America's Next Top Model although you'd be subjected to Tyra's divaness and that's not good for ANYONE!!

  2. I LURVE Gilmore Girls, too. We also do not have TV and I have been watching Seasons 1, 2 & 3! I broke down and bought the 3rd season and was having withdrawals by the time Amazon delivered it to me! LOL!


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