Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Lady and the Lawn Mower

For the record, I enjoy my independence. I enjoy having to answer to no one. I enjoy not having to give an account for sleeping until 1pm on a Saturday, or for staying out till near 3ish on a Friday. Not that I frequent the 3am homecomings. I enjoy buying orange high heels and pretty red dresses with no place to wear said dress. I enjoy eating ice cream for dinner and dessert. However, there are times when a little "manny" or handy man would be just lovely. For instance when your grass needs cutting, like up around well past the ankle level hurting for a cutting. I get tired of waiting for someone to pity me and cut the grass so, today I learned how to cut grass. And I cut grass and then I killed the lawn mower. And now Seth, whom I've never met is cutting my grass. God Bless, Seth. God Bless, Seth.  

P.S. After killing the lawn mower and reporting the murder to it's owner I proceeded to put a bathing suit on and go lay in the lounge chair and read. I did however have enough good graces to bring my little sunning self in the house, lest the God send Seth fear I'd start calling him, cabana boy. 


  1. Oh dear. You murdered a lawn mower?! So, was Seth a cutie or what??!!!

    Look at you sweet girl, not even tempting little Seth. Lord Jesus, please let JuJu be like BeBe and be a good girl even when boys are cutting the grass...

    SOOO glad to see you today!!! Love you!

  2. I, too, have killed a lawn mower. When it was one day old. And the husband wanted to throw me under the blades and murder me. But he couldn't. Because it was dead.

    I adore you. Maybe even more than you are adoring God Bless Seth at the moment.


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