Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The sky is falling....

A forecast claiming 47 degrees and air that feels and smells like fall, I know that has the fall lovers running to buy pumpkins and frolicking through trees. Not this girl, no way, uh-uh not this house, I’m a spring and summer lover all the way. And I found summer on the bottom shelf of the freezer section at Kroger.

And we’ll be together, on my couch, mourning the loss of warmth and sun and long days and wide opens spaces and beach breezes and color. And we’ll scowl at the shorter days and we’ll rant and diatribe all day long about the danged ole mice and we’ll freeze and shake. We will however, eat and drink your fall treats and raid the children’s candy loot. Yet, all the while knowing that summer and spring reign the greatest, the best and that we belong together. Summer and I we're holding on, one spoonful at a time.


  1. So, who is becoming Little Miss Blogger w/ more commenters than just me?! huh?! huh?! ;)

    Girl, I LOVE me some fall!! Aren't you ready for awesome sweaters, scarves and boots?!

    I had a fried peach pie and ice cream at The Varsity today!!

  2. Have you tried the Edy's Pumpkin Pie flavor?? Perfect for fall and colder weather ;)

  3. Elizabeth, I have to admit that I'm a Fall lover. I always have been, and I always will be. But, now that I live in an over 100 year old house, with temperamental heating, I may start wishing for Summer to last a wee bit longer too.

  4. Tiffani, awesome sweaters and boots are fine and dandy but they fail miserably in my mind when held against summer dresses and sandals....fried peach pie and ice cream, i covet

    Mimi, no but I sure enough will try it!

    Beth, Do you love fall the most, like if you had to marry a season you'd marry it? This answer is crucial to our friendship

    I appreciate all of your comments and I have no beef to stew with fall, i like it well enough, i just LOVE spring and summer.....


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