Thursday, September 3, 2009

Would you like to value size that order?

Apparently, in order to be the cool kid on the blog, you're suppose to offer something of value to your readers. Or so says the Internet of wisdom. I'd offer you a value you size milk shake, but I can't I'm flawed, I'd drink it all by first key stroke. I'd offer you some crafty genius, but I'm afraid of crafts. Crafts require clutter and clutter makes me apprehensive. I think I may have subconsciously prayed I'd never be a scrapper. I'd lose it with all that stuff  invading my white space. And even if I was some crafty guru, or domestic goddess, I don't think I'm altruistic enough to give you the A to Z, soup to nuts, here's how to be cool like me stats. I'd be the braggadocios, look at me, look at me, stand in awe type.  So anyhoo, I think perhaps a blog about me, dedicated to me, self stating narcissism isn't extremely valuable reading. I could whine and mope like a fourth grader who routinely gets picked last for kick ball, over the lack of readers, but i'll spare you. Angelic, lone ranger Tiffani, God bless you.  My little self-absorbed, self adores you for faithfully reading, you were probably the sweet, cool kid who was nice to the nerdy kids.

I think the beauty of blogging is you can be you. And if you have one reader or one thousand, if you're the cool cat with the wit and glitter pen or the super nerd with the pocket lint chronicles, it's your blog and you can have it your way. So there's your value of the day. YOU, you're valuable, write out loud. Somebody cares about pocket lint....  


  1. Oh this was great...and I love reading your thoughts..always. And if clutter scares you, you may want to rethink ever coming to my house...

    And as a matter fact, I was nice to the nerds in high school (because I was one! ha!)...totally kidding.

    See, you told me I was valuable, I feel stroked and prepared for a great day! :)

  2. I love reading your blog! I SO wish I were like you in the clutter department! You would cringe if you came to my house right now!

  3. That's how I recognize you...we have a mutual friend in sweet Tiffani!

    I agree that the beauty in blogging is you can be you, but then I anyone really getting me? Did I make any sense? Does it really matter? And my answer is makes sense to me and it does matter(at least to me).

    Keep on being YOU!


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