Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Monday I hauled my carcass kicking and screaming into the black pit of Verizon Wireless. My cell phone, started waltzing the fritz on me and blanked out in the process.  For many months, I've been smugly holding the wire of no contract. It's nice to know I can shimmy on over to another provider anytime my tippy toes desire.

The lure of a new fancy cell phone could not bait me. Nope, just ask my father who was pulled up to the table of all things techie long before there was a PC on every plate. Unless you can pull a barbie out of that computer, I'll pass, Dad. If I had a dollar for every time I've dropped, slung, or otherwise hurt my cell phone you could change my address to the Hilton and call me Paris.

But I ain't no Paris, I'm just a rambler. Back to the point. Old faithful finally had enough and that was a woe boy to my day because he's my lone ranger. I have no phone of a different color in my house. It's just me and the cell. So I left my Jesus face at home and grumped into Verizon all prepared to just buy a phone and go.

You get your own personal trapper sales associate to walk around with you. Poor man found out none to quickly I hated picking out a cell phone. He asked why I was anti contract, I said, "Because you'll own me again."  He also asked if I didn't want a contract because I was planning on getting married. "Well, you never know", responded the cantankerous customer.  Who finally made her way to the check out counter.

It's $175 without the two year contract, or it's free after the $50 rebate. Gag, Gasp, Gulp, I'm sorry I think I just swallowed my pride. I'd like to change my order to the two year deal, with a side of my soul and a slice of my life." 'Anything else ma'am? Just some humble pie. "


  1. How's the phone working? Careful it is very demanding, and it can also be very high maintenance. The battery has to be charged a certain way or the little princess will die on you in the middle of a conversation. Don't worry she gives you ample warnings of multiple beeps before she shuts down.

  2. You're so smarty.

    I walked into the cell store, walked straight to the precious iPhones, and against all better judgement (of which I apparently have none), waltzed out with a shiny new princess in my hand...and sold my left kidney and signed my third child's life away to keep her.

    But I'm not a material girl. At all.

  3. Elizabeth! You Yep, they "get" ya alright...and then some...

    My little celly recently died too...but I also signed my 2 year prison term and went with it...

    but, hey, you're connected to the world again!!

    ps--your sister taught Juju ballet yesterday and JuJu said "I know your sister" but she couldn't remember your name to tell her who it was!!


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