Thursday, October 8, 2009

I’m Singing, I’m In A Store and I’m Singing……..

I am a frequent participant in lyrical mayhem. Meaning I hear a song over and over and it enters my subconscious memory and I sing along when I hear said song. Then one day I turn conscious attention to the lyrics of a song I’ve been singing for years and that’s when I realize I’ve committed a lyrical massacre, again. I recently realized I owed the Beatles an apology that all these years they hadn’t been cursing, whilst singing nowhere man. Isn’t he a BIT like you and me not an-itch with a B like you and me. I’m glad the Beatles didn’t really have hate and ugly words for you, nowhere man.

Tom Petty, oh how the mighty have fallen. Mr. Free Falling recently fell out of grace with me when I discovered he was a JERK! All this time meanie head has been singing about a poor girl with a broken heart. I hope Mr. Petty falls right into a broken heart and that someone writes a song about it and forms a band called heartbreak crushers. And I’ll be a back up dancer for them, since I obviously can’t tango with the lyrics. And even though I’ve more tales to tell of lyrical mishaps, this is where the song ends because my ego is whining and begging me to stop.

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  1. You are too funny!!!!!!!! I lurve me some song lyrics and yes, sometimes they sound much different than they really are but girl, you just SANG 'em anyway!


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