Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Call Me Angel Of the Names..........

I’ve been thinking about baby names since I was a baby. I might go down to the local hospital and see if they have any openings for, “Here, I’ll name your offspring and give them back to you.” Wouldn’t that be fun! Mommy, meet Grape, No, that’s not a fruity name, all the cool parents are doing it. Please, someone needs to brush up on their celebrity gossip.”

My future spawn will be thankful that I’m rather fickle when it comes to names. Hopefully they won’t meet me during a weird name craze phase and get stuck with a doozie of a name. For instance if I was popping out a baby today, I’d name him a book of the Bible. Probably Colossians because that book started me on the, I’ll name my children after books of the Bible moment. But not the ho-hum drum Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…..names, I want the good ones. "Obadiah Leviticus Revelation, you get in here right now! 'Why mother, Why that name?' 'Boy, I could have named you Sue.”

editors note:this is of course hypothetical, if i was really with child i'd have a husband and i'd have him order me a girl not a boy.


  1. Song of Solomon.

    Name him that.


  2. Um, I'd defer to the boy first, for sure! :) They are MUCH easier and love their mamas immensely!!!

    Yep, I want more babies to name too!!! I'd have a Judah...what'cha think of that one?!

  3. You are so funny!

    We named our son and then realized that his initials were STD...ugh, what were we thinking! Obviously, we weren't.

  4. I've always been partial to to the name Obadiah, but I also like the name Naphtali- it has a nice ring to it.


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