Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kitty Cat Freak Out

My mother is a lover of all walking, living creatures. She has a house full of young-uns and a back yard full of critters. She's in line for Sainthood, I'm not. I don't speak animal. My mother worried about me as a child, I never asked for animals, I loathed the zoo expect for the big sugary suckers found in the gift shops. I'm just not an animal-pet type of girl. Lest anyone wants to offer me on a pitchfork to PETA, let me say I wish animals no harm. 

Yesterday morning as I'm getting ready for work one of my neighbors cats starts freaking out, thumping against the french doors. She obviously wanted my attention. So I stand there look at her and then try to hide from her. All the while thinking of my phobia of mice and wondering did she see a mouse run in here? Does she want to come eat it for me? And then my brain rewinds to the horror of letting a cat inside one time only to have to call for help to get the blasted cat back outside. Visions of mice running around won out and I opened the door. The cat didn't even try to come in, she just continued to meow and run in circles, weird. So I think maybe she's hungry and I lovingly get her a piece of ham which she doesn't touch. She just continues her freak out routine. At this point I'm totally confused. "Look Cat, I'm no Timmy and you're a cat, not Lassie." I thought only Dogs were suppose to be all intuitive little saviors?  "Sorry Cat, I hope nothing bad went down in the woods, I obviously don't speak cat." 

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  1. I don't mind a kitty...but we only have Sugar the Wonderdog, currently...I bet that kitty was a boy and he was totally IN to your hotness, sister! ;)

    I'm sure he's thankful at your attempt to be nice...


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