Monday, October 26, 2009

"Let's Go To The Movies, Annie You and Me..."

In general I’m a movie lover, as I don’t have TV I watch a good many movies. I watch movies from a wide range of genres minus horror films. Those scary devils have a way of haunting my dreams. In the past few years, I’ve become a big fan of independent and foreign films. I do love a good stereotypical chick flick, but after awhile they merge and meld together into the same ole thing they just switch up the pretty people. I prefer films that I can identify with, films that resonate in my spirit. Films that are less predictable and a little more real. Howbeit, independent and foreign films still have that same penchant, that all films do, to ruin your day and leave you yelling for your life back. Last year I began keeping a list of the movies I watch throughout the year, because I’m nerdy cool like that. So from time to time I’ll share with you what I’m watching. I enjoy going to blockbuster and selecting a film that hasn’t been influenced by media publicity. It’s like discovering a well kept secret. Here are two recent finds from my blockbuster perusing.

The Grocer’s Son

Much to my disappointment my local grocery store doesn’t carry any good looking grocer’s sons, believe me I checked. You can “check out” The Grocer’s Son here.

After The Wedding

An emotionally charged scene in this film, made me check my pulse for cold-heartedness because I didn’t cry. It was a well played scene. This film also made me want to start an Indian orphanage and gave me a new crush. Go here for an overview. (Rotten Toe-Ma-Toes, please don't sue me for linking to your site, I don't know the blog linking rules)

Both films were winners in my book.

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  1. You're smart.

    My brain can only handle chick flicks. No deep delves into the innerspaces of independency here.

    But I think it is because my brain is permanently hampered by the daily onslaught of SpongeBob and ScoobyDoo.

    So Matthew McConaughey running around with his shirt off suits me just fine.


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