Monday, October 12, 2009

Trials and Paper Trails....

Just call me Benedict or Arnold or Booth, or Burr because I’ve joined their low ranks as a traitor. And I've left a paper trail that will hang me. I pledge allegiance to Cottonelle and to her ripples for which she stands, but I sold her out for Quilted Northern. And it was wrong and bad and I don’t know if she’ll ever take me back. A penny saved is not a penny earned when treason is involved. I’ve definitely lost my citizenship and I’m probably getting deported to Scott. ………


  1. Honey...I'm a Charmin girl all the way. I will not. And shall not. Commit paper treason.

    It's just not right.

    Only the best for these sweet cheeks!

  2. HIGH TREASON, indeed! Ha! What do I know because...get ready...are you sitting down?....

    I USE SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUT..w/ good reason...our "new" house is actually an older home w/ a septic tank so we HAVE to use ONLY saving grace is that it truly does last a WHOLE lot longer per roll than any other I've used...

    I know. It's terrible. See, I'm the lowest of low in tp treason...guilty. That's me.


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