Sunday, November 22, 2009

The "Country" Club

I live in a barn, in a field and the horses and cows are interchangeably my neighbors (depending on what's grazing in the ajacent pasture) Well, apparently the association of horses and cows got together and decided to erect a little neighborhood establishment. 

And I'm a tad concerned.

I'm not sure the new facility is going to bode well with my freedom of fashion choices. The cattle have been very respectful of me and all the windows in my apartment. They turn their heads, close their eyes and chew the cud and think nothing less of me should they see any sort of towel headed, fancy underpants go a waltzing. So I'm concerned. But I think I'll get over it, if it's a Starbucks or a DSW.



    Hopefully, it'll be nothing and you can carry on in your towel-headed, fancy underpants self!!!

  2. I'm never going to look at my own underpants the same again.....they must now become my "fancy underpants". I have a feeling it will bring a much needed energized start to my day.
    I can't wait to find out what is being built, but I'm still visualizing about how you live in a barn...we've always wanted to renovate a barn.


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