Wednesday, November 4, 2009

“I’d like to buy a vowel”

I uttered the words “I heart” the other day and promptly followed those words up with, “Save me sarcasm, Come get me cynicism.” By nature I’m a bit blunt, I speak my mind. If I’m not careful I’ll be a cantankerous grump who not only insists the glass is half full but will offer to pour it on you should you argue with me. Maybe I’m exaggerating, let’s hope so. But I do usually name it like I see it. I don’t care for “cute” words. Words such as presh, lurve, heart……..etc. make me want to reply, “You been shopping at half-off vocab again?” It’s fine, I know, you can call me Oscar or Grouch, I’ll answer. However, after the “I heart” remark the other day, this Grinch’s heart might be growing.

I mean no offense to any presh people who lurve them some cutsy lingo. Seriously I don’t, in fact I heart you, pink fuzzy heart you!

Here I've gone and started thanksgiving season off all grumpily, I'll positive up next post! The hearts will make me!


  1. Miss Elizabeth. I so heart you. Like so muchly much.

    And I happen to lurve discount shopping. ;)

  2. that's my Amb, up there...

    I do lurve/heart you so...I get it...I'm cannot stand the letters for full phrases, lol, omg, etc...THAT drives me nuts!!!

    on a totally different note...I spoke to your Mom at church tonight and it was such a sweet moment! She's PRESH! ;) Really, she just warmed my heart oh so much!

  3. Oh my...I'm guilty of all the above offenses. I've "hearted", but never "lurved"..I actually don't really get the lurve thing? I'm not even really sure how to pronounce it.


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