Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What'll Ya Have?

My home town is famous for our Sock Shoppe and for our poor spelling. Not me though, my town learned me good, my spilling is jest finee. In fact my town teached me so write that I know when the Kiwanis Korn Dogs come to town, you get the out of towners and you bring um to the big timing fair and feed them the Krack Korn Dogs. And the give me Kracked Korn Dogs and I don't care bring their poor uneducated taste buds to a whole new level of wisdom. I think they might put "Krack" in the Korn Dogs, they've turned many a corn dog shunner into a korn dog addict.

I wanted to be a risk taker and ride the double ferris wheel that occasionally appears in the newspaper for um, mishaps. No worries, no tragedies just good ole hanging around drama. But alas, the plain ole safe turning ferris wheel met the ticket quota.

She's from uptown, I don't think their fair gets in the newspaper for ferris wheel fun. But it's ok, because I schooled her in Kracked Korn Dogs. And now, come every October, her heart will forever beat, Kiwanis Korn Dogs, Kiwanis Korn Dogs........

Yes, I am part of my town's finer things society, thank you for asking. Dainty eating is our forte.  Burp, I mean would you pass the grey poupon, please?


  1. Tiff has sworn to take me to the Sock Shoppe!! Very excited about it!!!

    And I love a good smalltown fair. With all things fried. And rickety. And mispelled.

  2. All that food looks so yummy...except the cotton candy(too sweet). I love small town cookin'.

  3. Girl, I love ye olde sock shoppe ;)

    Love our little town and the kohn/kawn dogs too!!

    Enjoy it now, honey, because you'll have to sell your kidney when you take your family there one day...we avoid it at all costs...


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