Thursday, December 10, 2009

And The Two Shall Be One

On a cold night in Georgia, Swiss Miss and Vanilla Latte Coffee Creamer were united in holy matrimony. They were introduced by their friends the marshmallows.

It was a joyous celebration replete with dancing, twirling spoons and happy snowmen.

From this day forward until digestion do them part........I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Swiss Miss-Vanilla Latte Hot Cocoa. (They're modern so they joined names)

And They lived happily ever after..............

P.S. Baby, It's Cold Outside


  1. Until digestion does them part.


  2. Ha....I love Amber's comment too.

    I make the same concoction!

  3. I became famous for my hot chocolate while Amb and the rascals were I am LOVIN' this combo!!

    Creamer is a love language to me!


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