Friday, December 11, 2009

Joy To The Fishes In The Deep Blue Sea.......

Did you know that “Come, On Ring Those Bells” is in the red letter Baptist Hymnal? Well, it is, right beside “Frosty the Snow Man” and “All I want for Christmas is you."

In my work as "church girl" part of my duties entail herding the songs for Sunday. We use “Easy Worship” and no, I’ve never threatened to call the company and spout, “It ain’t easy unless I can snap my, fingers clap my hands and call it done.” I see the verses go sailing in every week, every week. (Best read to the tune of “I saw three ships come sailing in”) Can I just tell ya, that there are various versions of many dearly loved hymns a float in the sea of hymnology. Apparently depending on your brandy, I mean your brand of doctrine, you adjust the hymns accordingly. I never knew such discrepancies existed. “Easy Worship’s” database ain’t Baptist; I don’t frankly know what she is. Sometimes there are entire extra verses, different orders of verses, different words. It’s appalling. I'm not standing by the Baptist believers on this one. I personally think it’s wrong……you wouldn’t go painting Mona Lisa braces or chiseling David some under drawers. Now I’m all conflicted when I’m singing, thinking, are the Baptists right or are the other folks?

Last Christmas, I got my feet dirty and did a little of my own hymn adulterating.
O Come All Ye Faithful is now... drum roll, please…………

Oh Come All Ye Handsome
Beautiful and
Oh Come ye, oh come ye to Elizabeth…….
Come and adore her,
Come on bended knee
Oh, come take her to dinner
Come take her to dinner,
The Elizabeth……………………

Scratch here for the live rendition. I kid, you have to sniff too.
Think I can buy my way into the hymnal?


  1. You ALWAYS make me laugh out loud. Seriously, I'm giggling up a snow storm here! I cannot wait until you meet your mr. handsome....he will be one lucky fella'

  2. oh girl, I pray for him, I do..and you too.

    Because he is blessed, indeed.

    You CRACK me how I love artistic liberties w/ lyrics!!


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