Saturday, December 19, 2009

London Bridge Is Falling Down.....

Last year, I was London side during a fair portion of the yuletide season. Over the river and through the tube station to London I went. Now, Now I was on a mission’s trip. And yes, London needs a big ole helping of Jesus. Don't we all. Let me just say they ain't got nothing on our blowup snowmen or our bling, bling, houses arrayed with lights. I honestly expected things to be a bit more festive throughout the city, then again I'm accustomed to all things Griswold and twinkle lighted. Despite their lack of glitter and shine, I discovered the Christmas cheer in these three Londonesque Christmas items.........

Item One: Happy Christmas
Granted I'm a stand by your Merry Christmas kind of girl, Happy Christmas offered with a British accent will make you swoon. I spoke it often with the best mock British accent I could muster.

Item Two: Mince Pies

They refer to their cookies as biscuits, when I came home and told my biscuits sopping in syrup about it........they almost fell off their forks roaring with laughter. They all but throne these things called mince pies. Pre-London I thought mince pies were only something the blind of the taste buds ate. And while I'll say they rank low on the totem pole of desserts, eating them under the influence of London makes um taste better. I was going to walk me ole taste buds down memory lane and buy um some mince pies from world market this year, but when I saw they cost $7, I skedaddled the buds right back to the good ole U.S.A.

Item Three: Little Donkey
It's a traditional British carol and while I nearly exploded with laughter when I heard it sung live by little British babies.... (Yes, I'll be getting coal for Christmas) it's tune will find its way into your subconscious and play over and over until you're forced to find it on youtube that all may hear. I'm going to have to listen to this every year for the rest of my born days........

Happy Christmas, Kyoko, Happy Christmas, Julie........


  1. Ohh, how I would loveth the London, the pies, the happy and the donkey.

    Happy Christmas to you my dear!!

  2. You are such a cheeky monkey!

    (I've always wanted to say that-English term by the way).


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