Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My List Runneth Over.....

Today, I bring you good tidings of great boredom that shall be for all readers. For we all know a spoonful of favorites in numerical, listy format make the posts go down in the most delightful way. Now swallow big and taste and see that Christmas anticipation is good. In honor of partridges in pear trees, and eight maids a milking (Am I the only soul who just doesn’t get that song?) I give to thee my 12…12 things I look forward to at the dawn of Christmas Bright.

1. Fudge
My lips spell love F-U-D-G-E and my sister speaks my language and she maketh me the fudge and Then sings my soul, my savior sister to thee I sing, It is well with my taste buds.

2. Shoeboxes
I have a dream, that one day I'll go on a Samaritan's Purse mission trip and pass out the shoeboxes they organize and ship to needy countries. Until then I fill two shoe boxes every year for little girls, cause I like glittery hair bows more than match box cars. It's my way of remembering what Christmas is all about. Did you hear that, Santa? Mark that one up for the nice list. I joketh.

3. Christmas Tree
I’ve already pledged my love for my tree. So I will not belabor her, but I do love her dearly, and I spend many a night couched up watching movies and sighing at O how she shimmers and shines.

4. Down Town Lights
"The lights are much brighter there, you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go Downtown" I'm convinced Petula was under the influence of Christmas lights when she belted out Downtown. My downtown is about 3 miles from my house and I eagerly wait for the lights to light up those light posts. They just plain make me happy.

5. Christmas Cards
“You’ve got mail” those three little words do for me what they did for Kathleen, aka Meg, when I go to the Post Office and actually get mail. Occasionally I go to the Post Office and leave empty handed and I feel so unloved, so embarrassed. But leaving with a handful of Christmas cards, makes my want to yodel and dance a happy jig in the street.

6. Snowmen Mugs
I have a disease, it’s called matchy- matchy and I am afflicted January through November. But come December I’m magically cured and I take out my mismatched snowmen mugs.
Which must meet the criteria of being shaped into the form of a snowman to make it into my family of mugs. This year they are crying out for personification and begging me for names. I drown their pleas in hot cocoa.

7. Christmas Day Feeling
It came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags.....and every who down in whoville and the Grinch himself know it's a once a year kind of feeling.

8. Christmas Breakfast
I have eaten the exact same thing for Christmas breakfast every year of my life. Should I ever become a Mrs. Clause, I shall have to have a prenup agreement that promises me I'll always eat cinnamon rolls and sausage and cheese balls on Christmas morning, forever and ever, Amen.

9. Stockings
Too bad we're not Catholic, it would make explaining my mother's passel of younguns easier. That and then I could nominate her for Sainthood. If my Mama met Martha Stewart she'd probably say, "You said you're Martha who?" My mother is so unassuming but she's got skills, oodles and oodles of skills. She made all of her babies a homemade stocking with a cross stitched Christmas image sewn on the front. Mine is a red quilted material with an angel on the front. And every Christmas those stockings are filled with the most wonderful gifts and goodies.

10. Mint M&Ms
Move over peanut butter m&m’s for the mint m&m’s are my favorite.......we're "mint" for each other and we have a nice little Christmas love affair, then I go back home to the peanut butter.

11. Tree Tops & Lights Galore
I'm cheating and combining two items for I feel I need to put some holy in my list with number twelve, but I love seeing trees perched on top of cars or stowed in the bed of a pickup. Knowing they’re celebration bound. When I drive by homes ablaze with Christmas lights I smile inside and say an internal, "Thank you." Fine, I say it out loud and blow kisses too.

12. Christmas Carols
I feel like I’m tottering on the brink of sacrilege. So, I’d be a naughty liar if I said keeping Christ at the forefront of Christmas was something I excelled at, Easter is easier for me. One thing that does help me is singing Christmas carols' on Sunday mornings. How lost I’d be if Emmanuel hadn’t come for a rotten wretch like me.

Sheesh, you’re probably sleeping and drooling by now, but we’ve managed to clean our plate of twelve! How about you tell me what you look forward to at Christmas and I'll ask the maids to give us some milk and the turtle doves to fetch us some cookies from the pipers piping. And then we can giggle at the leaping lords.

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  1. Girl, this is probably one of my most favorite posts you've ever written!!!

    Oh, my!

    I agree w/ so many of these...I love how this time of year seems to be a little softer in the world, quieter, sweeter...from the music on the radio, to the lights, the smiles on people's faces...it makes me sad to think that literally Dec. 26th, it all goes back to "normal".

    I love that for once numerous radio stations are singing about Jesus instead of just one or two. I love the lights, the wrapping, the anticipation...

    I hope that you will have a most merry of Christmases my sweet girl!

    Love you!


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