Sunday, December 20, 2009

Say Cheez?

If you ever have a mad salty craving that makes you get up off your taste buds for a wal-mart run to relieve the mouth watering, drooling, hankering and you find yourself on the cheez-it aisle, i don't care if the NEW pepperjack cheez-its flip flop like flap jacks into your hands, put um back.

Go for the tabasco or the white cheddar if the plain ole cheez-its' ain't singing your number. For the love of all things salty don't tango with the pepperjack......they will step on your toes. Then you and your deflated taste buds will sit on your couch like a popped ballon and one by one you will eat your mediocre cheez-its and visions of the lays stacks will dance in your head.


  1. Ugh.

    No thanks, to the Cheez-Its period.

    My kids adore them.

    I prefer Cheese Nips by Nabisco.

    So, yeah, enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on those.

    Can you do a review of cheese puffs next?? I love me some cheese puffs.

    Merry Christmas Elizabeth!


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