Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Gotta Know When to Hold Em, Know When to Fold Em

This is Christmas in my house, Welcome

 And tradition tells me its gotta go.

All of it, back to their boxes and bags.

And I say a big bah humbug, grinch on you to whoever set this precedent. For they take away our glitter and sparkle, and bright shiny things and cookies and yummies and make us trade it for treadmills, and gym memberships and brussel sprouts. They turn off our Christmas music and turn up the make your resolutions, snikering all the way. Cause they know we don't have an ace in the hole when it comes to making good on resolutions. Good bye peace on earth and good will to all men, hello cold, dark, barren winter.

So long Christmas cards, hello tax forms. Geez, if you're going to take down Christmas at least give me a suntan, sandals and an ice cream cone. Christmas to summer, now that's a deal I'd cut. I think Ole Kenny's gonna make a gambler out of me yet, Cause I, "Know when to walk away and know when to run." Islands in the stream that is what we are, no winter in-between, how can this be wrong, sail away with me.... Christmas till July anyone? All in favor ante up.


  1. girl, you are CRACKING.ME.UP.

    You make Kenny so proud, I'm sure of it..I got the Gambler album for my 4th birthday..yep, I did.

    But, I'm not here to discuss that..

    I'm here to say, my stuff is already down and for some reason I was actually ready for it..yes, I said that.

    Although you are so right about leaving such glitter and sparkle for drear and jeer.

    I'm with you...

    so, I'll see your ice cream cone and raise you a Cherry Icee...bring on summer!

  2. OH, but let's make a pit stop in February for my birthday, okay?

  3. I'm totally with you. Dark barren winter is always so depressing.

  4. I'm with you.

    Let's just rebel and leave it up all year long. And say "stuff it" to the gym.

    I'm in.

  5. Pit stop for a birthday, please put a cork in it...we'll put down roots and stay awhile! with amber and serendipity up there we'll call it a soiree and party tell the cows come home. i'll put kenny on the guest list.


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