Sunday, December 27, 2009

You Smell Like Beef and Cheese?

Well, lest curiosity kill the cat, the Old Jolly did not jingle his magic under my tree.
Not a handsome man was stirring not even a ken doll. Santa did, however buy me perfume and a new plush robe. Guess, I'll just spritz away in hopes that my handsome man soon will be here.

While I appreciate the new smell pretty, I'm a little concerned about the ole guy's integrity cause I'm pretty sure he used my debit card.


  1. Oh my gosh..this terrible economy has gotten to even Santa b/c I am CERTAIN he used ours too...thief.


    You look adorable, as usual, glad you got some goodies!

  2. A new plush robe sounds soft and cozy....almost as soft and cozy as the beautiful pink socks I'm wearing!!! You are a sweetheart...I'm blessed to know you :)Thank you, thank you...for thinking of me. You made my day...seriously!! Love ya!

  3. Oh...and if you get a minute...go check out my latest blog post ;)

  4. Pretty sure he used your debit card. . .that is hilarious!!!


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