Monday, January 25, 2010

As The World Turns

I happened upon a blog several months back that made me uncomfortably squirm. It rattled my nerves and shook my ideal. Katie Davis is a twenty year old mother to thirteen (now fourteen) adopted children in Uganda. She started a feeding program for the least of these in Africa. I sat there reading of her life, of her sacrifices and I felt small, and like crawling under the desk because my life is predominantly focused on me. Suddenly watching Gilmore Girls didn't sound fun and my ice cream tasted bland. I thought about writing a post about her and about donating to her ministry, but I didn't. Nope, I got comfortable with me again. I am so big and my world is so small. I know that is why I need Christ, because I am flawed and fallen. I am so grateful for His mercy and free redemption of my life.

Haiti, a death toll in the two hundreds of thousands, it’s unfathomable. Mostly, I cannot fathom why I'm not more moved by it, why I'm not more shaken? It speaks to the temporal in this life, to the frailty we all possess.

Christ in me the hope of glory. Christ, my only hope. My current Bible study resonated in my spirit when it defined Christ's glory as Christ revealing Himself to the world. Glorifying God by knowing Him and by making Him known should be my aim. A God who Himself is unsearchable yet who can be known. I don't know why catastrophic disasters like Haiti happen, or why I was born here and not in Cambodia. One thing I know is He is faithful. He's faithful when I'm not, faithful when I'm far, He's always faithful. He can handle my realness, my questions and He can handle yours.

How do I answer something like Haiti? Do I say a quick prayer, send a quick buck and soothe my conscience? Do I sale all my possessions and board the nearest jet plane for no man's land? Donations, prayers, acts of mercy, all so vital. Haiti has served as a reminder that I need to shift my focus from myself to others.  Yes, I need to respond to this global crisis with more than just my words. I also need to see the everyday needs that surround me. Listening when I feel like being silent, not rolling my eyes when a sales clerk makes a blunder, giving when it’s not convenient, extending myself when I’d rather be alone. Serving despite my feelings, will I fail? You bet. But through Christ's grace my prayer is that as this world continues to turn I'll see it a little more and me a little less.

Take a look at Katie’s world you will be blessed and challenged.


  1. I am sitting here absolutely in awe and amazement over this young girl!! I just kept clicking through the posts going "really?!" and "bless her, Jesus!"

    Thanks for sharing her link and for sharing your sweet heart and thoughts along with it!

    Love you!

  2. Such good stuff, my sweet friend. Such good stuff.

    I'm dealing with the same issues and trying to process and make sense of it all inside my very small all-about-me head.

    Thanks for posting this. And sharing that link. Amazing.

  3. I have not visited Katie's blog yet..going after writing this.

    I loved this post Elizabeth. You are a sweet, sweet soul!

  4. Oh my word....just read her blog. Amazing. I sit here and feel sad because we are selling our big house to move into a little one....oh girl, I needed to read that blog. The Lord needed me to read that blog. Thank you!!!


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