Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hershey's Kiss?

I went on a date,
With Him.

We went to the movies, alone.
And when the lights went down,
I unwrapped him.
Then we made out.
Don't Judge,
It's love,
True love.


  1. Then, girl, he's two timin' you because he was with ME the other night, too..

    and!!! ;)

  2. Your both wrong! He's actually a SHE, and SHE was with me.

  3. Ok, Urban Cowboy cracked me up! Tiff too. How can I say anything after those 2??

    Did you even give M&M a chance? He is true and faithful.

  4. I had an affair last night.

    It was with Mr. Almond Joy.

    Truly Scandalous.


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