Monday, January 11, 2010

M&M's, It's What the Doctor Ordered

I left my heart in summer, I had it shipped in for Christmas, now it's back on life support. Clearly I'm nursing a grudge. I've pledged to put down my axe. Howbeit nothing makes me want to get back to grinding like waking up to 13 degrees! I think I've found hope though in my pal Mimi. She hides under the guise of frump, wonder women mama and husband to G, which i think stands for Good looking? I'm just saying they're an eye appealing bunch. This Mimi I reference ,well I think she's a therapist.

She's offered the following cures to winter's blah, blah black sheep via email.

1. Jumping Jacks
I got to 12 before I bought peed my pants, but they worked. I felt better.

2. Mindless TV & Chocolate Goodness
She offered up the Bachelor and microwaved zapped m&ms on a platter and I helped myself. I can't wait to micro blast some m&ms. I tell you, Mimi is the stuff that couches are made of.  I'm afraid she's going to start charging so I'm off.... back to my regimen........Thud, Thud, Crunch, Crunch.

How bout you, got any remedies to cure winter's gloom & doom? I'm all ears.


  1. ha! sounds like Mims gave you some good advice!!

    I mainly drink copious amounts of warm beverages, namely coffee and hot chocolate.

    And, I could NOT survive these months without my warming blanket. Plug it in, set it to high and snuggle in...we all fuss over who gets to have a turn with it next.

    Chocolate is cross-seasonal..I want it no matter what time it is!!!

  2. You seem to bring me a smile just when I need it most....the pink fuzzy sock suprise...your super sweet words in this post. Always at JUST the right time. You are very special my dear.....I can skip my jumping jacks and micro m&m's've already made my day.


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