Saturday, January 30, 2010

So, Here's the Scoop.........

There’s been a bit of drama in my house since my last post. Apparently, Miss Priss, who’s caused an uproar in the utensil drawer is all bent out of shape. 

She’s claiming I took all the credit in saving the cupcakes. And she won’t hush about it, and the other utensils are threatening a mutiny. Her outrage has been grating on Mr. Cheese’s nerves, and pressing on Mr. Garlic’s patience. The spoons are too busy spooning to pay her much attention. But the spatulas are flipping out over the spat and insist I shut her up. So as I pinky promised her, here she is Her Royal Highness, who helped save the cupcakes. She’s begrudgingly known around these parts as, “The Pretty Pink Princess.” She’s really gripped about her icy reception. You know what they say about those Divas, "They can dish it out, they just can’t take it."


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