Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Mark" My Words

Sound the alarm!
Call out the troops!
Fire up the helicopter!
Help me, Rhonda!
My pink dry erase marker is MIA at work (aka "The Office"). I suspect foul play.

Now, professionalism is my forte
And efficiency is my BFF
But office supplies,
Office supplies are my heart and soul!
This is WAR!
Desk raids will ensue
Operation I want my marker back…….
It’s on, oh it’s on like donkey kong

You might have noticed I have a minor issue with loyalty to inanimate objects, which leads to their imminent personification. It’s easier than a pet and cheaper than a therapist. You should try it, but start with food or dishes they’re pretty faithful, steer clear of toiletries they’re rather fickle.

1 comment:

  1. oh honey. time for war indeed! i'm packing my stuff to join the troop! that's definitely 'cause for rummaging and pillaging until it is recovered!!

    and PINK!? I don't even have one of those!! I'm coveting!!


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