Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whining and PIE-ning

Last night I dreamed I had a house full of hungry, dinner guests.  I grew so frustrated in my dinner preparations, that I took my whole chicken right to the trash and chucked it. So there I stood with famished guests and nothing but a trash can full of raw chicken. Frozen pizza that was all I had to offer, one small measly insufficient frozen pizza.  As I pondered the oddity of my dream I wondered if it parallels my blog sentiments. I've been reading Shell Silverstein,  thus my need to express myself through a "poem". My apologies to all.....

I've been a blogger for almost a year
Told myself I wouldn't grovel for lack of readers far or near
Yet I find in me the need to be real
And tell you how I sometimes feel
And unread.
How worrisome
How bothersome
To find within myself this neediness.
Measuring my worth
By comments and readers?
Only leads to my despairing
So now you know the truth
I whine
I pine
I grovel too
I've been a blogger for almost a year...

To my handful of sweet, faithful, readers, thank you for letting me wallow. I am much obliged to you, for continuing to eat whatever I plate up, even when it's frozen pizza. You're not supposed to cry over spilled milk, how about pie?

The lead actress in the movie the Waitress made pies and then proceeded to name them long, venting, rambling names.  Without further ado I give to you, "Thanks for letting me throw a pity party, I'm going to take a bite and feel better pie."
Want some?

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  1. Oh...look. The Chinese have come for a piece of pie.

    I love you, Miss Elizabeth Ma'am!!! :)

    And your poetry skilz are Kill.Er.


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