Thursday, March 11, 2010

Go Fish

I’m channeling my inner Oscar the Grouch. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to pleasant street? Because I’m going the wrong way down a one way street called grumpy road. If you’ll pull over, I’ll tell you how I got here. Games……….As in last night I took a risk and played a game. Boy, talk about trouble. Games bring back my memory of PE. Pretty much all PE related games were dodge ball to me, thus I was typically picked last. Operation I don’t like games, that’s my life.

Last night I lost pretty miserably at speed scrabble, which of course made me feel sorry for myself. I go to war with my ego during games. I just can’t get it through my cranium that it’s only a game. I know I should look at games as trivial pursuits. But I don’t , I score my worth by the hand I play. What’s my deal! Get a clue, self. Build a bridge and get over it. I feel like a rookOld Maid, who went and lost her marbles. And that my friends is how the dice rolls, and how I lost my pride. Let me know if you've scene it. Biggest loser, spoilsport I know, king me.

P.S I don't hate all games, I can play some pretty mean Candy land.


  1. You are a clever one, Miss Elizabeth. A clever one, indeed.

    But why do I have trouble believing that you stink at Scrabble? What????

  2. Clever, indeed, my dearest.

    I love games. I do. You are my numero Uno, though! heehee

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    That was pretty neat. The mind boggles.

    If you're interested, check out the online version of the Speed Scrabble :)


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