Monday, March 22, 2010

The Rolling Stones...

John Denver's Some Days are Diamonds (Some Days are Stone) song has always resonated with me. Today was a day of stone. A down in the trenches, lost and alone in the mines kind of day. My car of many odd years wants a divorce. I am a volunteer child advocate and today was a court day. And that often finds me staring at the back side of humanity, the ugliness, the despair, the selfishness of we humans. And somedays I hit rock bottom of my own depravity.  "Sometimes the hard times won't leave us alone." Some days I make the day stone by simply being stubborn, obstinate and refusing to see the beauty of a diamond in the rough. Yet, to me the beauty is a day can go from a stone to a diamond by a little refocusing. You can hit happy by finding the left over hummus in the fridge which leads you to the forgotten olives. Or with an email devotional that reminds you of the importance of pressing on in your prayers.  "Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." It really does work. I'm going to go sit on my stone of a day and count my blessings.

If I were a proverb today I'd be,"If you've lost your happy, raid the fridge." Ok, that's probably why I didn't make the cut.


  1. i just love these words...and you young'un and your John Denver love is making me so proud to be your friend.

    maybe you need donuts ;)

    love you muchly, dearest.

  2. oh honey i was in the kitchen and i thought i'm emailing tiff and setting a we deserve donuts date. clear thinking apparently arises from having your head in the fridge. you're always a blessing. thanks for reading.

  3. Loved this blog. Love you even more!


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