Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Forward

I have this theory that your favorite season has much to do with the season you were born into. For me, my theory proves true. Spring is my BFF. I am learning to respect all of the seasons. Seeing how there is a time and season for everything. Winter, well I tolerate him like the annoying uncle who reeks of cigar smoke, but tells wickedly funny jokes, so you don't all together disown him. But you think about it. Fall, I'm learning to like him. He's sorta like your brother who you fought many battles with, but grow up and realize he's not so bad and you really even like him. Spring though is pure joy, like a best friend and a mama's arms. She's just goodness. And well summer, I love him like a man. He's hot  and sometimes you don't understand him, but despite his fickle ways you always want him to come a calling.

The weather has gone all bipolar on me. Cold, rainy and windy, what an oxymoron to a spring day. However, I must commend her on the way she arrived. Classy, it was just pure classy, sunny and 70's, that's my girl. I welcomed her back and drank her up, right down to the last rays of her light. I hope your first day of spring was as glorious as mine which was filled with....

Orange Pushups

Yellow flowers

A Picnic

A Best Friend
And An Evening Walk

Happy Spring! May it be filled with all of your favorite things.


  1. Oh that is one of the funniest posts ever. Very well described my girl.

    I love that spring has started on the right foot...let's hope March indeed does go out like a lamb and not like a wet stinky dog!

    I have yet to partake at the Speedway Donuts but I want to now!! Yummy?! Better than my beloved Dunkin'?! Tell me!

    I love getting to see you during the week, btw!

  2. Please, oh please, bring me some Speedway Donuts. Happy Spring! I love your description of it- hilarious.


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