Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where the Pretty Things Are...

Pretty things, I like them. I always have. I'm a girlie girl through and through. Beautiful, pretty things sing to me. As a little girl I'd day dream about growing up and wearing make up and buying the most wonderful, fashionable clothes. I dreamed of pretty babies dressed in pretty frocks and a handsome husband to ooh and awe of over us and to tell us how pretty we are. My favorite part of yearbooks, were the pictures of the grown up girls arrayed in puff sleeves, big bows and turquoise. I dreamed in pretty and I still do.

Still want a handsome husband, and babies to dress. I still think about a white house with a big front porch and black shutters and a red door. Buying pretty clothes and dressing up is as wonderful as I imagined, if not more.

While I enjoy looking pretty, I don't always act pretty. You don't have to look farther than the evening news or morning paper to know that life isn't pretty, that sometimes it's down right ugly. How do we fight the ugliness that is humanity? We can stab it with character training, or pierce it with charities, punch it with good will, or jab it with self-help books. We can turn our backs and say it ain't so. We can do any number of things, maybe even win a round or two. But it will rear its ugly head again.

I was reminded in this morning's sermon of life's best beauty remedy.To go to the cross of Christ, where Jesus paid it all. Where sinner's plunged beneath the blood of Jesus lose all their guilty stains. Where ugliness can meet beauty. My pastor's message hammered in the fact that, "It is finished." We can add absolutely nothing to the grace of Christ. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than being able to freely admit, "I am ugly," only to have Christ vanquish it and replace it with His beauty.

As a Christian I so easily find myself trying to add to the cross, trying to act pretty in my own power. You'd think I'd know by now my righteousness is as filthy rags. My efforts will always burn up into a pile of ashes, until I take them to Christ and He exchanges them for beauty.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I can rest in peace knowing when God looks at me He sees the beauty that is Christ. Nothing will ever be able to quench my thirst for pretty like He can. I like pretty things, especially when they're free. Christ, He's where the pretty things are.


  1. I read your blog everyday, and this is the most beautiful thing I've read yet, so inspirational. Miss you.
    love, taylor gail (tiff's sister)

  2. thank you so much taylor! made my day to hear from you. come back any time! miss you too and hope you're doing well. i'd have sent you a message but i don't have your email!

  3. my email is (: send it to me there!


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