Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"The Word-Smith"

I like big words and I cannot lie
When a new word walks in my itty bitty brain
My heart starts to race
I like words!

The incredible, readable, words. I'm particularly partial to words that are fun to say like onomonopia and indubitably and gobbledygook. Mostly I just like the fancy, schmancy, words that make me appear smarter than I truly am. "She had a gargantuan, mammoth vocabulary" may it be said of me. Really I prefer "humongous" but I aim to impress.

I recently decided to include the word "wanton" into my vocab. Here goes I'm "wanton" spring to get here real bad.

So that's the word, Smith. Wink, Wink.


  1. You are such a HOOT!

    Ok, total word geek here. So much so I get a daily email from dictionary.com with a word of the day that is awesome with such greatness as: ubiquitous, clandestine, quixotic, egregious, gregarious...oh I could go on.

    I've had a post swirling in my head using mostly my words of the day...but I've yet to do it!

  2. Love big words!

    And I'm a sucker for a thesaurus. That's where I learned my newest favorite word evuh.
    "Schmaltzy." I'm now on a mission to annoy the heck out of poeple by using that word as often as possible.

    It's just good clean fun, Smith.


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