Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Go Out Walking After Midnight....

Just arrived home from a walk. My hands are numb, my cheeks are stinging and my ears are burning. So I checked with the weather man to ensure I hadn't turned into the time traveler's mistress (detour: i don't recommend The Time Traveler's Wife unless you're into insanely sappy, creepy, weak plotted flicks) The weather man assured me I hadn't morphed into the past, it is indeed April 27, 2010. All 55 degrees of her. I've reached a conclusion, spring is cheating on me with winter, tramp.

Well, that was about eleven-ish negatives how bout I round the bend and step on some thanks?

1,000 thanks continues........

10. for evening walks
11. for pretty, orangish flowers decorating a yard on said walk
12. for the tree lined air field that borders my abode
13. for the full moon shining brightly in the dusk
14. for yummy muffins my sister made me waiting to satisfy my hungry walking woman belly
15. for the reminder to be grateful

Sleep tight and here's hoping Spring will find her way back home.


  1. out in the moonlight...just like we used to do...

    I'm thankful for my friend who always loves song lyrics as much as me!!

    Seriously?? Where DID Spring go?! You are encouraging/reminding me of all I have to be thankful for!

  2. That winter is a tramp.

    I think burnage at the stake is appropriate.


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