Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Put It Blindly......

Dear Blind Man,

I find it admirable that you care about the children so much as to include a protection disclaimer and warning in the packaging of your blinds. Kudos for even putting it in spanish. I applaud your little nifty device to ensure the babies are protected. I second the horror a child's harming would be from a blind mishap.  I just have one little suggestion. If you give a girl without a husband, boyfriend or power tools a set of blinds sans instructions replete with 49 hundred screws, you're gonna need yourself a new warning pamphlet!

Cause I fear the ladies might poke their eyes out with those screws, or choke on the mysterious plastic parts and that would be the best case scenario. Worst case, well those cords are long you know. Why don't you just bless their little hearts and throw in some instructions?

Yours Truly,
Drooling in Broad Daylight

editor's note: happy elizabeth who doesn't rant on books and stomp on blind instructions will return after this brief word from grumpy, gritchy, gripey elizabeth. 

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