Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Darla,

"I'll sell you my pickle for a nickel, how about two cents? O-tay!"  I got nothing, ok, there's my measly quote but I'll spare us all from any incoherent thoughts and simply give you my two cents of the thankful variety. We'll call that a "Deal", pickle and get to it.....

38. for an Athen's "redeemed" weekend
39. for hotdogs
40. for peanut butter cookies that only call for four ingredients
41. for botanical gardens
42. for my orange dress
43. for the anticipation of my birthday
44. for the ability to sprawl out on the couch with your legs propped up and do nothing but talk on the phone
45. for the gilmore girls
46. for friend's thoughtfulness
47. for dip-n-dots
48. for giggling
49. for braves games with senior adults
50. for my bed
51. for hope


  1. Yay!!!!! So glad that Athens was redeemed for you.

  2. For braves' games with senior adults.

    I have no idea why but that just struck me as funny.


  3. Oh how I love the Braves!! I went to a Braves game with Granny Kitchens once and it was

    I'm thinking I should start me a list of thankies...


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