Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

Last night I found a 'mouse nest' hiding in an obscure spot snickering at my watchful, hawk eye for the clean girl. While demolishing it's, and or their home, I started brewing a diatribe of a blog post. I'm sure at some point it'll show up replete with photos. We'll all need therapy once it's out there in cyber space.For now I just don't have it in me to talk about my paranoia and the thing I fear. 

I rocked my inner kindergartner on New Year's day and made a list of pursuits for twenty-ten, with crayola crayons.  "Study Joy" found its way up holy alley and landed on my list. I have yet to study joy, but I think joy's studying me.

I discovered recently that when I pray I use my manners and dot my prayers with words like joy and grace. Such as, "Lord, let my time in Nashville be filled with joy. Lord, help my Athens weekend be filled with love and grace." I say my prayers and then sometimes find myself asking, "did you hear me? I asked for joy."  Last week I believe I got my answer, it went something like, "Baby girl, I think you mean you want an easy road full of your ideals and wishes." I replied, "I think you're right. Lord, I want an easy road and happy things that go my way kind of weekend." And that's how joy began staring me down.

I've got my suspicions that when I study joy I'll find it's a choice. You chose it, You chose to be thankful and grateful when you go to Nashville for the weekend and it floods and you lose power and have to come home a day later than you planned. And when you don't get the hotdog you asked for. I said hotdogs, not sure He heard that either.  You choose joy and you find it in counting the good, you find it in giving thanks.....

16. for being holed up in a powerless house with a fantastic chef who still feeds you sans power
17. for a friend who drives you to the mall to see a Tim Gunn fashion show at the beginning of the monsoon.
18. for a baby who might just attempt your mouthful of a name
19. for speed scrabble, even when you never win
20. for belly laughs on road trips
21. for safety and protection and mercy in a crazy crisis
22. for best friends and their moms and their family who feel more like your family than your friends
23. for knowing somebody loves you

I'm not an overly grateful person, if I was to be counting 1,000 complaints we'd close shop tomorrow. Maybe once joy and I quit our stand off, I'll make her more a part of my life. Cause rain it does, sometimes it rains gumdrops and lemon drops and I get my way. It also rains mouse nests and yuck, just ask Nashville. Don't get me wrong I'm still gonna pray for gumdrops. But who knows joy just might be the umbrella to the downpour rains. I'll keep you posted. I said 1,000 thanks, right?


  1. you are cracking me up with your mouse story!

    I can't believe you were in Nashville!! Wow. I would brave high water to see Tim Gunn...I adore for trekking there in the name of fashion!

    What a fresh perspective and your thanks always give me pause and make me do the same!

  2. I love your 1000 thanks posts! I'm so glad that despite the flood the Nashville trip wasn't spoiled.(too much) I guess I'm going to have to pray hard that Athens can be redeemed for you;)

  3. Okay, so it's been way too long since I've checked your blog. If we had to be in a scary flood-type situation, I'm glad it was with some of the most wonderful people that I know. Thanks for the reminder that joy should not be based on how perfect your situation is. I love you!!

    And yes, I agree that Stephen is a fantastic chef. He's a keeper. :-)


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