Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop

My posts of late have been long winded, feel-o-sophical tidbits. Tonight, I'll keep it short and talk of two of my favorite things:

One: My birthday, it's officially one month away. Let me know if you want gift ideas and or if you need to know what kind of cake I like. I'm kidding. No, I'm not. I like chocolate cake, and cheese cake, and cookie cake, and ice cream cake.....

Two: Inanimate Objects, I find when I have a strong affinity to said object I talk to it, or her or him whatever it has become. "I love you" is oft spoken to foods that have my heart. 'Ice cream, I'll always be your girl and love you most.' But tonight I have to tip my hat to the cereal. Never been too loyal to the cereal, until now. Wanna know my new favorite?

Why you ask? Cause he says, " I love you, too"


  1. Do you sweeten him up with sugar? (the cereal!) I always add just a bit of sugar to my Rice Krispies- yummy!!!!

  2. oh yes! honey is the glue that holds are relationship together. i pour a little honey on him and it's like a rice krispy treat in a bowl....honey is the way to go it changes everything!

  3. Just finished up a box of Rice Krispies yesterday...they are my favorite for add-ins of 'naners or strawberries.

    And, honey, I get personally attached to everything my hair to an ink pen!! I feel ya!


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