Monday, June 21, 2010

Open Mic Night....

Tap, Tap, Static, Static, Is this thing On? Can you hear me?
Hey June, it's me your best girl. We've been bff since the 11th when you waxed wonderfully spring and welcomed me into the world. Remember? Huh, Huh, do you? Are you lost in January, has February taken you captive? Do I need to come rescue you, should I bring popsicles, lip gloss, and bare feet?

June, you and I, we used to have fun. You know the drill, party all month breeze in on the laurels of spring and splash out on the thrill of summer. But this, this June honey, you're giving me anxiety.

June, dear, pal, friend.........what's going on?

A disappointing date
A car in the shop
A house with broken, fickle air conditioning
A heat wave in the 90's toying with the 100's
A $766 and some chump change doctor's bill
A crazy, mad, mysterious twenty-ten back rash

And, And yes June, there's more I'm a rolling stone, without a home. I'm getting the boot.

You have left me pert near homeless, dateless, car less, rashy, hot and soon to be penniless. June, I think I'm mad at you.  June, I think this is grounds for a cat fight. Just so you know I'm pretty sure you're winning.

hello, hello, is this thing on?

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