Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

My sense of humor is a funny sort of thing. I appreciate a good funny, haha, hehe. Bravo to the puns, cheers to the witty. My brain will make the ascent, acknowledging someone or something's humor but my laugh doesn't always follow. For whatever reason I don't laugh that easily. So when I do get a good belly laugh it makes my day. The trouble is the things that bring out the laugh in me are normally so very ironic. For instance some guy flipped me off tonight, gave me the finger, and yelled real loud, I assume in hopes I was a lip reader. Poor guy, I'm not. Even poorer poor guy, it struck me as hilarious. Silly road rage struck me as laugh out loud funny. We were at a red light so my can't stop laughing was very apparent. I don't think he found it funny. I should write him a letter...

Dear Poor Guy,
I'm sorry I sorta cut you off. I'm sorry you didn't interpret my this is the sorry hand, I know I don't drive too well. But I'm not sorry I made you flipping mad. I needed a good life, thank you.
P.S. 1990 called they want their perm back. Now that wasn't nice, I know. 
Heehhheee Haahhha I mean, have a nice day.

Girl Who Ticked You Off

150. For a good laugh
151. For a good reminder anger really affects you most
152. For forgiveness

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  1. my dear Lizzie Boo,
    It's me...the girl who's been MIA from your blog this summer. You should know I just read all remaining posts to try and catch up on your life and your thankies.

    Lori told me you are moving...look at next or the next and let's REALLY try to get together, k'???

    Love you muchly!


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