Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little Girls are Made Of...

Katie, at the pencil box posed the question of inner ten year olds. She was wondering what her younger self must think of what life had become. She wondered if others too thought of the younger versions of themselves. Yes, Katie, Yes I do.

And sometimes when my inner ten year old wants to know where my husband, kids, convertible and life time guarantee of happiness are, I find the best thing to do is take her to the park. 

Let her swing. 

And then buy her an ice cream cone and tell her to shut up and come back when she's twenty nine. 

editors note: if you go to the park by yourself in the middle of the day and also take pictures of yourself, you will have the park to yourself. To anyone who might have been at the park, i pinky promise on the Bible i'm not a baby snatcher or a creep, just a mildly depressed twenty nine year old. 

153. For days at the park
154. For swings
155. For ice cream shops
156. For blogs
157. For impromptu visits with friends
158. For railroad tracks 
159. For walks through downtowns
160. For clutches 
161. For joy in the simple things 

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  1. my inner ten year and I need a discussion!

    I adore how much you love ice cream it truly makes us kindred!!

    Saturday mornings are fine for me for a date...let me know when a good one would be for you!


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