Thursday, July 1, 2010


Just finished a bowl of ice cream.  I sat on the couch staring at the boxes that have taken over my residence pondering the appropriateness of my ice cream choice for the week. Overload, Breyers Overload. I am a subconscious frozen foods genius. Moving week equals overload.  Overload of boxes, overload of stuff, overload of to do's, overload of emotions. My emotional tank is usually rather full throw in a move and I think I need a life jacket.

Even if you're a girl who prides herself on living her life somewhat clutter free and who habitually purges junk, when you move you'll look at your things and think one thing: Overload. Do we really need all of our gadgets and gizmos, and thingamabobs? Suppose so since all of mine are hiding under cardboard and tape. It does something to you to see part of your world reduced to a pile of boxes ready for the next step.

Leaving the barn apartment in two days for a big ole house. A big ole house I've never even been in, sight unseen. But I'll take it knowing it must be better than some potential rentals I viewed. Just think second hand smoke induced lung cancer, STD's and me as the star of the next lifetime movie. Jesus saved me from my over dramatization and has provided a house for me to move to and that's a blessing. A huge blessing. Which leads me to my final overload. Praise when I stop and take the time to count blessings not gripes I always find myself overloaded by His mercy.

Two women looked through prison walls
One Saw Mud
The Other Saw Stars.

No doubt by default I'm neck deep in mud but by His grace learning to notice the stars. Giving thanks...

105. For friends who get you boxes
106. For a mom who brings you boxes
107. For a mom who packs your boxes
108. For a mom who hugs you and says it will be ok
109. For hot pink fat bats
110. For water
111. For black sharpie markers
112. For hot showers
113. For people who pray for you
114. For people who are willing to help you move
115. For people who care about you
116. For people who let you live in their houses
117. For His ever presence
118. For His abundant grace
119. For His faithfulness to me an overloaded stinker


  1. I am glad to hear of His grace. I know that this has been a rough month. But, July is here, and all of the "stars" that come with it. You have been in my thoughts, and I will continue to pray that He will keep providing and guiding you. I love you Elizabeth. Hang in there.

  2. I just LOVE your thankful heart!!! Chin up, my dear. . . there will be many more stars to see over the mud!!! Sending a big hug your way!


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