Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board...

Early on in first grade I created quite the conundrum for my teacher. I'm still not exactly sure what went wrong but it did involve little squares and glue. My squares were all glued together, not spread out on the paper in some appropriate order, I think. All I know is I got it wrong and my teacher let me know in no uncertain terms. I was mortified.

A friend quoted a friend's defining a book I've been reading as, "Oh, yes that one, it's rather paint by number." I loved it. Give us three points, a poem and surely it'll equal something akin to our best life now. Sorry Joel, it’s too easy. Yet, step by step formulas don’t always work. Cookie cutters really only work best for cookies, huh.

I have a point, at least we’ll hope so. For pert near three weeks I have had high aspirations of linking up to the 1000 gifts site. I was going to fess up to church girl that I was in, and I was even going to brand myself with the communities graphic. All on Monday cause that’s when a wide majority of them start adding up their gratitude. Really what better time to log some thanks than after the respite that is the weekend? Yet three Monday’s have past and my weekend thanks are getting fuzzy.

So I’m just going to be thankful on Friday. Because really at the end of the day I believe the overarching goal is to just be thankful. Pretty sure you can’t mess up the canvas of gratitude. And after all I’m sort of fond of coloring outside of the lines.

168. for the sound of thunder
169. for cozy blankets and comfy couches
170. for mornings on my porch
171. for my white dishes
172. for the view when i open the front door
173. for captivating sky
174. for visits with granjanie and pizza with mom
175. for clean clothes that smell like heaven
176. for clean clothes washed by your mom because you don't have a washing machine
177. for saturdays that magically seem forever
178. for saturdays that finally end
179. for burgers and fries good to the last bite
180. for a downtown outdoor movie and a friend
181. for glowing pregnant mamas
182. for holding a cuddly baby
183. for pale pink tulips in a white pitcher
184. for sweet baby showers
185. for someone telling me i'm beautiful
186. for humming birds
187. for butterflies
188. for pink flowers outside my window
189. for waking up to streams of morning sunlight
190. for knowing He counts my tears
191. for knowing He hears me
192. for knowing all the times i feel so small, so, inadequate, He is so big, so sufficient.

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  1. love's good to journal the things you are grateful for. there isn't anything more beautiful than a grateful heart. :)


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