Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Evening Walks

I walk late in the day. I feel the smoldering heat of Georgia summer. I crunch gravel. I notice sky, wide open blue, brilliant streaks of orange hues. Occasionally the sky completly captivates me, other times it's just there hovering over my walk. Sometimes it's a mix of sky blue, cloud white and dark grey.

I listen. Hearing kids laughing in yards, playing in pools, lawnmowers whir, cars drive pass me. I see endless fields, yellow flowers, cows grazing in pastures. I normally think, and pray, but not always. I wrestle, I walk long, I walk short, I walk mad, I walk sad, I walk happy. I breathe and sometimes stop and drink it in, the breeze, the creation and the ability to just be as feet move one in front of the other.

Evening walks remind me that I am alive, that I live.

My solace, my salvation is in knowing I walk with the one, who knows where I'm going, the one who gave me this life that I walk. Believers or non believers this truth rings eternal, "In Him we live and move and have our being." -Acts 17:28

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