Monday, August 9, 2010

She Quit Christianity

She writes of vampires, and many know her name. And she packed her bags and walked away, quit this thing called Christianity. Some may applaud and usher her across the street. Perhaps others will preach or pray or cry foul to her claims that this thing called Christianity is filled with hate. Can we be a Christian but somehow divorce Christianity? Objections may be offered eloquently, intelligently, condescendingly, systematically or in a myriad of other ways.

But what do I, what do I a member of this thing called Christianity, what do I say? I say I've questioned and wondered if it's all a farce. One word, a multi faceted word upon which institutions have been established. Where thoughts have been wrought and truths hammered. Degrees delivered and wars fought. Denominations rendered and tears and lives shed. Debating, fighting, judging. Is it grace or is it works or is it both? Do we pick Him or does He pick us? Is it wrong and right or grace and mercy? Is it love or is it justice? Is it quite and reverent or loud and alive?

And I think of other faiths how seventy virgins and holy underwear sound ludicrous and absurd. And I think of my faith how to say God came to earth lived a perfect life died and rose again to pay for my sins and that He lives and is alive and forgives and dwells within my heart. How this must too sound silly, contrived to those who do not know Him, to those who do not believe.

Is there hate in Christianity, yes. And is there hate on interstate 75 and in the check out line at Walmart? In the left and in the right wings, is there hate? There is hate in a thousand places and sometimes in my own heart.

And is this hate we love to hate always wrong? Is it wrong to hate a gay but right to hate a child molester? And the age old question whispers soft, whispers loud, "How can you say your God is love but sends people to hell?" How does this big God offer only one way?"

These are questions that have and will be wrestled. I look at these questions and I look at our answers and I look at my life and and I look at this world. And while I do not fully understand or comprehend this thing called Christianity, this I know, this I answer, It must be bigger than you. It must be bigger than your ability to win an argument. It must be a solid truth not built solely on logic and reason. A truth a love so big that at the end of the day you cannot walk away. Because this God, this God who loves you so much who is the answer, will not let you walk away.

I have wandered and I have strayed a thousand times, but He brings me back every time. To the place where I know that I need Him to breath life into these dead bones. To the place where I know that I have been bought with a price and that I am His.

And I don't think the world needs my Christ simply because they are bad and He is good. Or because there is hate and He is love, but because He is life and we are dead, we need Him.

Oh Ann Rice, who will never read these musings, you and I, we need Him. That is my answer, we need Him.

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  1. WOW. "He is life & we are dead." SOOOO true. Thank you for this!


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