Monday, August 23, 2010

Thanks By Number

193. for refreshing weekends
194. for crunching pinecones on walks
195. for Kyung a publix employee, who always smiles and willingly makes me the sushi i like
196. for kroger's managers special reduced flowers
197. for $1.30 tulips
198. for black licorice and all it's familiar family memories
199. for movie theaters on sunday afternoons all by your lonesome
200. for movies that make you teary eyed in the best way
201. for the sound of little girls talking
202. for the thrill of real mail
203. for kind words
204. for saturday morning donuts
205. for this song
206. for this blog
207. for church girl, who always points me to the one most needed.
208. for a good sermon
209. for a reminder that over and over Christ is the answer
210. for encouraging scriptures
211. for 70 page spiral bound notebooks
212. for coral toenails
213. for a thorough well done pedicure
214. for gold bangle bracelets
215. for my current read
216. for my Savior
217. for last night's moon on my walk
218. for today's sunset on my drive home

holy experience

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