Thursday, September 30, 2010


I do believe I could give 1,000 thanks for sun and sky and McDonalds ice cream cones and mean them all. Today's ice cream tasted colder and the last of the pink flowers are hanging on by one. The leaves are turning and the season's changed. For once I will not wrinkle up my nose at fall. While I'll miss the warmth, longer days and bright colors, I am calling a truce with Mr. Fall. I hold up my mug and kindly ask that Mr Fall fill it up. Preferably with hot cocoa and marshmallows, though I've recently become quite a fan of the chi latte. Oh the possibilities.......Happy fall to the fall lovers, may your cup run over.

Thanks from Today, Thursday

273. for the rainbow on the way to work
274. for my biscuit from Mr. James
275. for the brilliant blue and fluffy clouded sky
276. for my ice cream cone
277. for the smoky fire pit smell being washed out of my hair
278. for the memory of last night's s'mores and friends
279. for a friend's changing my light bulbs and moving a shelf
280. for sushi for dinner
281. for my upcoming walk
282. for coffee and quiet time
283. for netflix in my mail box
284. for Jesus, always with me

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The dreamweaver

Tears trickling down my checks woke me up last week. Was I being chased, robbed, murdered, were the people I love in jeopardy? Were there monsters or aliens? Nope, nada. Then what made me cry in my sleep? I was told I was ugly. It was some sort of beauty contest. We were all in the same burgundy and black tuellish dress, should of known then I was in for a nightmare. A Tyra Bank's sort of doppelganger, only most inferior, had the nerve to kick me out second. Stunned and confused to her proclamation that I had wonky eyebrows, I asked for an explanation. She informed me if she told me everything that was wrong with me I wouldn't like her very much. Very much? Excuse me ma'm, you just wrecked my dream, shamed my eyebrows and broke my heart you're bating a whopping zero. Wench, I hope whoever she is woke up with a zit the size of Rushmore. Wicked women of a dream crusher needs to get back to her day job.

After the obligatory eyebrow consultation and consoling of my spirit, I realized how absurd the dream was. A line from the Holiday flashed in my memory, "You should be the leading lady of your own life..." And your dreams, I'd like to click my heels and get a do-over, to the tune of "Here She Is Miss America", roses and a crown and the wave.

Wrote the above last week, I am now happy to report I got my do-over. I made out with Sawyer from Lost. It was some desert island dream and the only tragic part was it ended. I woke up smiling. Once I was wide awake I felt quite smug and offered a take that Miz T-Bird, apparently wonky eye brows rise to the level as well.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the beat goes on...

A rainy Sunday that stretches out forever, calm, slow day. Lingering over coffee with your best friend and lazing on the couch and being pleasantly surprised upon a time check that it's only 2:30 in the afternoon. The washing of the rain, the steady drops pounding the pavement, grey sky, cooler air, hot tea and watching it pour giving thanks on this, the day the Lord has made....

247. for the warmth of the first few seconds in a sunbaked car
248. for cool air blowing from the air condition
249. for morning sunlight pouring out of my bedroom doorway
250. for a yellow leaf on the ground
251. for a walk with my mom
252. for the brilliance of the sun
253. for the sun's effect on my soul
254. for sunday afternoon ice cream cones
255. for the sound of gravel under my feet
256. for bluebell pistachio almond ice cream
257. for dinners with your best friend
258. for Miss Pat
259. for pajamas and a clean face at the end of the day
260. for the psalms
261. for the full moon
262. for Friday coming again
263. for short waits in restaurants
264. for bar-b-q-chicken
265. for sweet corn bread with butter pecan butter
266. for the gift of a free washing machine
267. for reading all afternoon from the comfort of my red couch
268. for coffee with real cream
269. for birthday celebrations of those you love
270. for the sound of the rain
271. for trips to the grocery store in my yellow rain slicker
272. for knowing Jesus loves me

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut

Strolling down sidewalks, coffee in hand, peering in unopened storefront windows, I thought how nice it is that one day a week life is aloud to wake slower. Mark 13, morning's message a reminder that Jesus calls us to be awake, to look for Him.

And as sleepy eyes though wide awake walked on Sunday morning, I pondered what it means to be awake with Christ. These eyes they know it well, sleep walking, slumbering through the days. Yet, Christ He awakens, He stirs, He opens eyes again and again. "Awake my soul and sing of Him who died for me" a lone line from a hymn making melody in my heart. "Come thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace." Awakening with acknowledgement of His goodness...

219. for the ribbon bookmark in my Bible
220. for the sixth season of Lost being out on dvd
221. for a freshly made bed
222. for a movie with my mom and sisters
223. for twirling in skirts
224. for blankets in the yard and reading

225. for cooler days
226. for long weekends
227. for a bush of pink flowers viewed while driving
228. for an ice cream cone and downtown stroll
229. for hymns, two favorites, sung at Sunday's service
230. for brief moments with friends at crosswalks
231. for bbq sandwiches

232. for lemon ice box pie

233. for laughing with a friend
234. for shoe shopping, even when you get nothing
235. for starbucks breakfast bought with a gift card

236. for window shopping before stores open
237. for my yellow dress
238. for a turquoise clutch
239. for my etsy rings
240. for lunch with my dad
241. for driving in a convertible
242. for a long walk
243. for homemade pudding popsicles
244. for pink gladiolus

245. for summer's end
246. for Him who wakes my soul to sing