Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the beat goes on...

A rainy Sunday that stretches out forever, calm, slow day. Lingering over coffee with your best friend and lazing on the couch and being pleasantly surprised upon a time check that it's only 2:30 in the afternoon. The washing of the rain, the steady drops pounding the pavement, grey sky, cooler air, hot tea and watching it pour giving thanks on this, the day the Lord has made....

247. for the warmth of the first few seconds in a sunbaked car
248. for cool air blowing from the air condition
249. for morning sunlight pouring out of my bedroom doorway
250. for a yellow leaf on the ground
251. for a walk with my mom
252. for the brilliance of the sun
253. for the sun's effect on my soul
254. for sunday afternoon ice cream cones
255. for the sound of gravel under my feet
256. for bluebell pistachio almond ice cream
257. for dinners with your best friend
258. for Miss Pat
259. for pajamas and a clean face at the end of the day
260. for the psalms
261. for the full moon
262. for Friday coming again
263. for short waits in restaurants
264. for bar-b-q-chicken
265. for sweet corn bread with butter pecan butter
266. for the gift of a free washing machine
267. for reading all afternoon from the comfort of my red couch
268. for coffee with real cream
269. for birthday celebrations of those you love
270. for the sound of the rain
271. for trips to the grocery store in my yellow rain slicker
272. for knowing Jesus loves me

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