Thursday, September 30, 2010


I do believe I could give 1,000 thanks for sun and sky and McDonalds ice cream cones and mean them all. Today's ice cream tasted colder and the last of the pink flowers are hanging on by one. The leaves are turning and the season's changed. For once I will not wrinkle up my nose at fall. While I'll miss the warmth, longer days and bright colors, I am calling a truce with Mr. Fall. I hold up my mug and kindly ask that Mr Fall fill it up. Preferably with hot cocoa and marshmallows, though I've recently become quite a fan of the chi latte. Oh the possibilities.......Happy fall to the fall lovers, may your cup run over.

Thanks from Today, Thursday

273. for the rainbow on the way to work
274. for my biscuit from Mr. James
275. for the brilliant blue and fluffy clouded sky
276. for my ice cream cone
277. for the smoky fire pit smell being washed out of my hair
278. for the memory of last night's s'mores and friends
279. for a friend's changing my light bulbs and moving a shelf
280. for sushi for dinner
281. for my upcoming walk
282. for coffee and quiet time
283. for netflix in my mail box
284. for Jesus, always with me


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